ParallelCluster Manager

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To deploy AWS ParallelCluster you have two options:

  1. AWS ParallelCluster Manager This is a Web UI that makes deploying clusters simple. We reccomend this for first time users.
  2. AWS ParallelCluster CLI This is a CLI tool for deploying clusters.

In the following section we deploy the web based UI, if you’d like to use the CLI instead, skip to AWS ParallelCluster CLI.

AWS ParallelCluster Manager is a web UI built for AWS ParallelCluster that makes it easy to create, update, and access HPC clusters. It gives you a quick way to connect to clusters via shell SSM or remote desktop DCV. The UI is built using the AWS ParallelCluster API, making it fully compatible with any cluster 3.X or greater regardless of if you create the cluster through the API, CLI or Web UI.

AWS ParallelCluster Manager Architecture

AWS ParallelCluster Manager is built on a fully serverless architecture, in most cases it’s completely free to run, you just pay for the clusters themselves.