b. Create FSx Lustre

Create FSx Filesystem

Creating a filesystem in AWS ParallelCluster is easy, we can directly specify the filesystem type, options and mount location. This gives several advantages over creating the filesystem outside of AWS ParallelCluster:

  • Filesystem is automatically mounted to the cluster
  • Filesystem is deleted when the cluster is deleted
  • The cluster configuration file can be used to create the exact same setup in future deployments

In the lab, we setup the filesystem with the following options:

FSx Lustre Parameter Definition
DataCompressionType Data Compression both lowers storage size and increases throughput, set this to LZ4
DeploymentType Options are SCRATCH_1, SCRATCH_2, PERSISTENT_1, and PERSISTENT_2. I reccomend using persistent as opposed to scratch when mounting through AWS ParallelCluster. Scratch is ideal for per-job filesystems.
PerUnitStorageThroughput Options are 125, 250, 500 or 1000 MB/s/TiB of throughput.
  1. On the Storage tab, ensure the following options are set correctly:

Cluster Wizard

  1. Select the same Subnet from the previous step

Cluster Wizard

  1. Click Dry Run to confirm the setup and then click Create

Cluster Wizard