d. Link S3 to FSx Lustre

Now that we’ve created the filesystem we’re going to link the filesystem to the cluster by creating a data repository association.

A data repository association (DRA) imports metadata from the S3 bucket to the filesystem, making it appear as if the files in the S3 bucket exist on the filesystem. When you go to load a file it’s fetched from S3 in the background and imported into the filesystem. If you want the filesystem to mirror the S3 bucket you can link it to the root of the filesystem /, like we do below.

First, let’s grab the ID of the newly created filesystem. You’ll need to wait for the stack to go into CREATE_COMPLETE before running the following command:

FSX_ID=$(aws cloudformation describe-stacks --stack-name hpc-cluster-fsx --query "Stacks[0].Outputs[?OutputKey=='FSXIds'].OutputValue" --output text)

Confirm that worked by echoing out the response. If you don’t see an ID like fs-123456789, check confirm the name of the cluster is hpc-cluster-fsx and the stack is in CREATE_COMPLETE.

echo $FSX_ID

Next we’re going to create a data repository association. Note this can also be done from the FSx Console if you’d prefer a GUI approach.

aws fsx create-data-repository-association \
    --file-system-id $FSX_ID \
    --file-system-path / \
    --data-repository-path s3://mybucket-${BUCKET_POSTFIX} \
    --s3 "AutoImportPolicy={Events=[NEW,CHANGED,DELETED]},AutoExportPolicy={Events=[NEW,CHANGED,DELETED]}" \

If you see the error: Invalid choice: 'create-data-repository-association', maybe you meant: * create-data-repository-task Please follow the steps in Update the AWS CLI to update the AWS CLI to version 2, then re-run the command.

This will give you a summary of the assocation:

    "Association": {
        "AssociationId": "dra-02d711a4ea44d33af",
        "ResourceARN": "arn:aws:fsx:us-east-2:123456789:association/fs-123456789/dra-02d711a4ea44d33af",
        "FileSystemId": "fs-123456789",
        "Lifecycle": "CREATING",
        "FileSystemPath": "/",
        "DataRepositoryPath": "s3://mybucket-123456",
        "BatchImportMetaDataOnCreate": false,
        "ImportedFileChunkSize": 1024,
        "Tags": [],
        "CreationTime": "2022-06-15T21:37:46.657000+00:00"